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Meet Creativity Consultant,
Hank Olguin

Photo Creativity Consultant Hank Olguin

Recipient of more than 60 awards for creative excellence in advertising, including two Clios and a National Addy.

Author of "Make Your Ideas Take Flight" – Using the power of creativity to live, work and play more inventively.

"You make learning fun and engaging and made me realize how the everyday world and its linear thinking slows down and limits our ability to utilize all the creative power each one of us possesses. I think I often confused creative ability as something somebody else had, and now I see it’s something we all possess."

—John D Baker, President,
Strategies for the Future

So what makes Hank Olguin qualified to lead a creativity revolution?

Because it represents the natural culmination of a life-long involvement in creative endeavors. As early as elementary school, Hank played the cello in a string quartet, sang in the boys’ church choir and played leading parts in school plays.   

By the time he reached junior high, he had taken up the piano and performed regularly at weddings and dances with a combo he and his friends formed. In high school, he switched his focus to the athletic stage but still managed to play in bands, act in school plays, write and produce radio shows. 

His college career at the University of California at Berkeley involved more of the same. While there, he earned letters in football and track, was the leading rusher in Cal’s last Rose Bowl appearance, received the University Theater’s “Outstanding Actor” award and earned a degree in rhetoric, with an undeclared minor in theater arts. Always into something creative. 

He has spent most of the last thirty years working as an advertising, marketing and communications professional. During that time, he has created and produced a wide range of radio and television commercials, print and collateral materials for a variety of major clients, earning more than 60 awards for creative excellence including two Clios and a national Addy award. 

In 1983, Hank was hired by GSD&M Advertising, in Austin, Texas, as a Senior Copywriter. He was promoted to Vice President and Associate Creative Director because of his award-winning work for clients such as Coors Brewing Company, Taco Bell, Domino’s Pizza, Sea World and Coca-Cola. After gaining a reputation as a creator of powerful ideas, he became the team leader in the effort to develop strategies for Coors’ cause marketing campaign, resulting in the brewery’s highly successful adult literacy effort.  

From 1994 to 2000, Hank and a partner formed a creative services boutique focusing on advertising and marketing for a roster of blue-chip clients, including Fannie Mae, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Sea World and Pennzoil. 

Hank’s background includes additional work as voice-over director for Pacific Artists, Hollywood; songwriter for Sesame Street, New York; and voice talent for several major companies, including Ralston Purina, Busch Entertainment, Holt Rinehart & Winston and Microsoft Games. 

Called upon to create on demand many times during his career, he began analyzing various aspects of the creative process and discovered that certain fundamentals and techniques could be learned to increase one’s creative output. 

In addition, he realized he had applied creative techniques throughout his life in areas as far afield as athletics. He then began sharing his findings and insights with others on the job and later through lectures and seminars to a broader audience. 

Those efforts resulted in the writing of his first book entitled Make Your Ideas Take Flight—Using the power of creativity to live, work and play more inventively. 

Today he is a creativity consultant on a mission to spark a Creativity Revolution: to mobilize an army of creative thinkers that will come up with innovative ideas for meeting the many serious challenges we face. To do so, he realizes he will have to persuade many who lack faith in their creative intelligence that it is, in fact, a natural part of their makeup and that practical tools exist for its full development. 

He will fulfill his creativity mission through his book, keynote addresses and the project-driven training he offers companies and organizations. He believes that by helping others develop their full creative potential he will not only lead them to achieve greater personal success but will also empower them to help build a better world, to make a difference. 

Let the Creativity Revolution begin. 




 Photo Hank Olguin